2018 GEI Rankings – Education Investment and Opportunity

The latest GEI White Paper_2018 Rankings are available.  There were a number of changes this year with additional data related to PISA Science Scores and presence within the THE Global University Rankings, with a total number of measured data points rising to 21.

Below is a brief excerpt.

With its combination large populations, economic growth and high educational outcomes Asia dominates the top ranks with China, Korea, Malaysia, India, Thailand and Indonesia scoring in the top ten slots across the 49 countries included in the GEI.  This year Thailand and Indonesia moved higher in the pecking order, surpassing Vietnam. The balance is represented by leaders in Emerging Europe—Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary—and Qatar and UAE, each with strong fundamentals and highly developed investment environments for transnational education.  Estonia and Russia follow within the top 15 countries.

Countries such as Kenya, Nigeria, Bangladesh and Colombia placed close to the bottom of the scoring scale.

This full report will soon be followed by a number of related analyses.  Comments welcome.


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