Global Scarring: Investment RoundUp

Global investors are facing a widely varied post-Covid recovery with the IMF forecasting per capita income losses in emerging markets (ex-China) of -6.1% between 2000-2024, and potentially greater “scarring” over the medium term. There are a range of fiscal, humanitarian and social issues to consider and debate. I’ll pick one: the impact of an estimated […]

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China’s massive skills gap

China may have created the most impressive advance of educational attainment in history but it also suffers from a growing skills gap.  In fact, China has one of the least educated workforces in the world as measured by the proportion of its labor force with a high school and college degree.  The evidence piles up in […]

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Taking SPACs to School

Publicly-listed education companies often sit uncomfortably between the demands of financial stakeholders on one side and commercial challenges of working with school systems, parents, government regulators and students on the other. Perhaps this is why education investment bankers are paid to be optimistic. Consider the recent flurry of announcements for the creation of education SPACs–or […]

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M&A: Coronavirus and Cross-Border Investment

Cross-border M&A activity is accelerating across a range of workforce and education segments, from education and training to career navigation, job search, workforce alignment, AI matching and productivity. This will not be a shock to many observers, although simply transacting across borders can require quarantine for 14 days or conducting endless due diligence meetings via […]

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Black Swans and the Future of Learning and Work

China’s coronavirus outbreak–which given its severity and unpredictability should be considered a Black Swan event–is already revealing stark differences in the way schools, universities and workplaces are responding and the extent to which they are prepared for operational continuity and future growth.  In fact, the crisis response is making the “future of learning and work” […]

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