Global Zero – Tools

Companies and investors are faced with continued ESG and sustainability challenges as reporting and compliance becomes more complex, new standards for public and private companies arise across jurisdictions, and the need for execution expertise becomes more critical and high stakes. Fortunately a thriving start-up sector of SaaS platforms and tools is providing enterprises with cutting … Read more

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Taking SPACs to School

Publicly-listed education companies often sit uncomfortably between the demands of financial stakeholders on one side and commercial challenges of working with school systems, parents, government regulators and students on the other. Perhaps this is why education investment bankers are paid to be optimistic. Consider the recent flurry of announcements for the creation of education SPACs–or … Read more

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M&A: Coronavirus and Cross-Border Investment

Cross-border M&A activity is accelerating across a range of workforce and education segments, from education and training to career navigation, job search, workforce alignment, AI matching and productivity. This will not be a shock to many observers, although simply transacting across borders can require quarantine for 14 days or conducting endless due diligence meetings via … Read more

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GES 20: Putting the X in Globalization?

There is a cold logic to globalization—especially when it appears to be dying. Can growth be maintained in the world’s leading economies without expanding internationally? Can education start-ups and new ventures rely solely on their local markets? How long will new markets and new consumers in emerging and frontier markets—the world’s engine for future growth—be … Read more

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