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Edunomix | Investment Notes provide insights on emerging market economies, companies, M&A transactions and investment themes with a focus on the future of education, work and money.

In each issue I analyze current macroeconomic trends and provide more granular insights at ground level. My approach is data-driven based on fundamental analysis while also integrating longer-term secular trends such as how changes in human capital are creating generational impact on markets and economies.

I also monitor shorter-term business cycles and track education and human capital indicators.

This is a low-frequency and high-value read once every 6 weeks. Both novice and professional observers find it valuable. Subscribers range from educators and M&A practitioners to start-up founders, executives, and money managers.

Whether you’re an investor or practitioner, these Notes will bring a global perspective on how the future of education, work and money is driving unique investment opportunities, as well as winners and losers along the way.

Stay focused.

Todd Maurer, Edunomix

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