Stretch your ambitions.

Building a high-growth, sustainable business in developed or emerging markets is no easy task. Data can be hard to find, if not misleading. Proving an investment thesis can drain precious time and resources. Knowing how to move from research to action can require layers of on-ground intelligence, domain expertise and local networks.

Your mistakes can be costly, if not fatal to your business.

At Edunomix, we provide unvarnished market research, new market assessment, M&A advisory and investment analysis to enterprises focused on the development of education, workforce and fintech industries.

Since 2010, we have worked with Forbes Global 2000 firms, venture-backed growth companies, universities, multilateral agencies and global investment funds across three continents, bringing our networks and ideas to fulfill a wide range of client demands by extending their businesses and impact.

Let us be your catalyst to global growth.

Where we add value

By combining the latest quantitative and qualitative research techniques, as well as unparalleled industry networks, M&A advisory and investment acumen, we can quickly turn data and opportunities into action.  This starts with a combination of smart analytics, market research and business development strategies that can draw upon a range of options.

Our engagement levels range from being an outsourced business development team to enterprises, or acting independently to develop strategy, prime start-ups for capital raises, or managing the M&A execution process, from concept to diligence.

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