Who We Are

Edunomix is a research and corporate advisory firm specializing in the education, workforce and fintech sectors. We help clients build and execute successful ventures and partnerships through a unique combination of market data, M&A expertise, business development skills and investment acumen.

Our focus is on the world’s toughest but most rewarding markets.

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We work with clients diverse in size, corporate structure and geography, from Fortune 1000 companies and leading public universities to emerging start-ups.

We execute by operating a proprietary and highly-trained expert network with experience across three continents with much of our work centered on the US, Asia and Emerging Markets.

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By combining the latest quantitative and qualitative research techniques, as well as unparalleled industry networks and business acumen, we can quickly turn data and opportunities into action.  This starts with a combination of smart analytics, research, business development strategies and networks that can draw upon a range of options leading to action.

Our engagement levels range from being an outsourced business development team to enterprises, acting independently to validate and develop strategy, priming start-ups for capital raises, and initiating and executing M&A options.



We bring a unique combination of unparalleled on-ground experience and domain expertise with a decades long dedication to building human capital industries, from education to employment platforms to talent analytics.

Our mission is to uncover and develop the vast human capital opportunities that exist in the world’s most dynamic and challenging markets.

And we work towards this every day.

Why Edunomix?

The 21st century is being shaped by the rise of robots and AI, intense competition for talent and innovation, changes to international trade norms, mass job insecurity, but also boundless opportunity through lifelong learning.  Now more than ever an educated population is the fundamental determinant of a country’s economic competitiveness, national security, societal health and future place in the world.

Edunomix LLC was created in response to these trends and as a means to help clients shape them as they build the future.  With global education spending estimated at more than US$10 trillion annually and linkages between education and work more tightly knit than ever, the ability to creating, harnessing and build human capital, in whatever form, is the currency of the future.

We help enterprises turn human capital into opportunity.

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